Stop Postponing Your Brake Service

Stop Postponing Your Brake Service

Drive safely to Darrel’s for brake repairs in Rochester, Minnesota

Are your brakes squeaking or squealing? Did your brake dashboard light come on? Don’t wait another day to have your brakes serviced – pay a visit to Darrel's Muffler and Complete Automotive Repair. We are familiar with all of the different components of a brake system – from the brake pedals and brake hoses to the master cylinders and the power boosters. Our technicians can identify problems with your brake system and offer a remedy right away.

5 signs you need to have your brakes checked and serviced

It’s crucial that you keep up with the condition of your brakes. If anything begins to feel “off,” you should schedule an appointment at Darrel’s as soon as possible.

Not sure if your brakes need to be checked? These are some tell-tale signs that your brakes are in not-so-great condition:

  1. Squeaking and squealing when braking
  2. Spongy brake pedal
  3. Car vibrations
  4. Car pulling
  5. Grinding

If it takes too long to get your vehicle to a complete stop, then it’s been too long since you’ve had your brakes serviced. Make the short drive to Darrel’s Muffler and Complete Automotive Repair in Rochester, Minnesota for brake service.